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Commercial and Residential snow removal services are now available in the Winter months. Call us today to get a free estimate on having your plowing done by an operator with over 20 years of experience. Salt spreading also available at an additional cost.



Let us handle your professional pressure washing needs such as exterior surface, and even commercial range hoods.  From complete kitchen steam cleaning and sanitizing to outside building, sidewalk, and parking area maintenance, we are only a phone call away.


We can clean all your outside surfaces. From driveway and sidewalks, to pools and siding.  Why replace a surface when we can bring it back to it's original clean? Vinyl siding restoration also available.


River City Power Wash now does Dustless Wet Blasting! It's the future of surface preparation. Dustless wet blasting works by mixing water and an abrasive. We then treat the metal with a rust inhibitor you can wash off prior to refinishing.


Once clean, we will clear-coat seal your aluminum, steel, wood and vinyl siding. This not only deters the re-growth of algae, but will keep the surfaces clean 4 to 6 times longer!


River City Power Wash, LLC. now does range hood and steam cleaning.  Cleaning with 300 degree steam it not only gets clean, but sanitized at the same time. Call us today to clean your commercial kitchen like it's never been cleaned before!

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